Exhibition “Tissue of life”

Exhibition «The tissue of life» – the result of the last three years work. It can be considered as rehabilitation and return to art after a long stay «in the world».

Vika Matison: «For me the process of painting is a great happiness to think without words.

Painting, as well as music, opens unexplored properties and abilities of a human – such as the experience of the color and the immersion in space, that occurs during the immersion. Such a magical circle. Oil painting is still not exhausted. It has many tasks, but only life’s experience gives the artist sometimes an opportunity to feel and understand this wonderful perspective.

Such experience helps to recognize the unconsciousness of a fashionable «curiosities art», craftiness and cynicism of the artistic «beau monde» and emptiness, that hides sometimes behind the ambitious art projects…»

Paintings presented at the exhibition can be called «the composition without a hero». «Poem without a hero» in this case is not a tragedy, but the reality – the harmonious feeling of life’s flow. There are many heroes in this flow and all of them are equal, each in his own way and image. Composition – is the consequence of how the artist understands the essence of life’s development. In this art the color-smear captured the fragment of the flow and curdled, creating something like tissue, where the different trajectories-threads are bound with each other.

We can focus on one event-subject and not realize, that it is only a fragment of something bigger. And we can perceive as well the event or the subject like an emotionally colored part of a large structure, which is easy to correlate with paints and colors. Focus on a single subject should be justified. Otherwise it could be meaningless and empty.

There is infinity of meanings beyond our words-symbols. If we look behind the facade of words – we will see a human with his mystery and depth. Viktorija Matisone doesn’t make facades-symbols in her compositions. The color in its natural emotional flow creates the space, where the spectator will find his own associations. This art is not abstract because it is real. The color-smear doesn’t represent anything else, then itself – as well as a leaf on a tree.

Curator Una Sininja

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